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Juan Escudero, taxonomic delirium

Let us be Aristotelian: Lola substance, of cheerful quality and fat quantity,  is put in relation (whipped) in submissive position, getting some passion (pain and pleasure), in a set of porn shoot (place).

categorias - juan escudero - le bastartJuan Escudero, in Categories, uses the ten categories that Aristotle left us to define human being and his accidents. He sardonically relates this emphasis in classifying with the taxonomic delirium flooding porn sites. As well as those ten concepts  allowed infinite combinatorics of being and his circumstances, Juan watercolors offers a boundless array of paraphilic choreographies.

Being the lubricious pleasure a chaotic territory, dwelling of the unnamable, one of the challenges of the pornography industry is increase slang with which to label and reconstruct massive fantasies, classify them into genres and subgenres in modes, narratives, kinds of relationship, fetishistic repertoire… categorias - juan escudero - le bastart

Not a single coitus appears in scenes that Juan rescues from Internet, because he focuses on the rhetoric of the body and roleplaying games associated with it.

The diluted aesthetics achieved with the watercolor technique, along with sepia or grisaille tones, sublimate the voyeuristic gaze, but also is betrayed . Our curiosity is betrayed because we can not recreate in the details, so we are forced to look at bias (would say Zizek), distorted, being in those cloaks where maybe is the not categorizable, the salvable piece of our desire.

Where: Bar 134. Torrent de L’Olla 134. Barcelona


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