daniel tejero - dibujo - le bastart

Daniel Tejero, metonyms of not regulated desire

Graphite still lifes in which align handcuffs, clamps and bandages between water bottles and towels …, hanging ropes, leather masks … bondage articles solved with meticulous stroke. Daniel Tejero seems to adopt the role of graphic witness of a crime scene, leaving visual proof of each element to the expert report. He was there but the viewer arrived late, so he let him traces to reconstruct his own history. The curiosity of each person reopen […]

sergio ojeda - le bastart

Not all is sex, but almost

I don’t trust in any desexualized thought, wrote Gombrowicz in his Diaries, an author that placed on record an interior discourse in which eroticism, pornography and obscenity are only nuances of the same brain loom. The title of the exhibition curated by Javier Díaz Guardiola, Is just sex, reminds us the words of  Polish writer because it opens to multiple philosophies of life around the erotic. With connotative emphasis seems to say: sex is just […]

Bestiality: mystical fusion o subversive tool

In pagan periods myths and legends abound, stories and oral narratives in which coitus between species, far from being stigmatized, exalted the animist communion with nature, virility of gods and heroes, transmuting power of the erotic imagination… With Christianity, the priapic nature spirits become evil beings, the bucolic image of satyr chasing nymphs is replaced in the popular imagination by the goat copulating with witches. Secular societies labeled bestiality among sexual deviations, and then exploited […]