alicia burrieza marquise Louisa de la valliere

Alicia Burrieza, porno chic rococo

Engraving and eroticism interlace their paths throughout art history: from I Modi illustrated by Aretino and Renaissance engraver Marcantonio to the twilight lust of Félicien Rops, or the least publicized etchings of Rembrandt (monks rapists, hot scenes in canopy beds…) without forgetting the Shunga woodblock prints of Edo period, excellent marriage of explicit sex and refinement. Refined and explicit also aims to be Alicia Burrieza’s porno chic rococo in these boudoir scenes series of eighteenth-century […]

alex frances - beso- le bastart

Check to the macho

Maybe the first artist who broke away from the archetype of virile man was Bas Jan Ader, when in early seventies introduced in a gallery pleas and sentences of melodrama as please do not leave me; when filmed himself crying uncontrollably (I’m too sad to tell you), arranging vases of flowers or delighting in front of a sunset. Although his intention was not to undermine the segregation of roles but to parody the image of […]

Desire as psychological breakdown

Eroticism bring into question the person as individual being closed in himself. Lovers dissolve each other into one body, hence the daily expression of dissolute life. The organs spill into the branch of the merger, wrote Georges Bataille, whose way of describing the erotic act as that part of sexuality that moves our inner found its translation in Hans Bellmer drawings. Although the emphasis that the French writer put on the religious component of eroticism […]