oriol vilapuig - sirena - le bastart

Oriol Vilapuig, night watch

The sexual night of each corresponds to that first scene that we can’t know but to which we owe our existence, and whose secret we will not cease to search unconsciously. Hence behind every image we always look for an underlying image, says Pascal Quignard, who has made of this search the leitmotif of his essayistic journey, traces the cultural nuptials between sex and fear, between the Dream and the Rapture (in love, in death), […]

bernardi roig diana acteon in Le Bastart

Bernardí Roig and his voyeurs of inner shadows

The French verb méduser retains the etymology derived from the Greek myth about the monster whose gaze petrifies, Medusa. Perseus resisted the temptation to face her and brought the shield so that the Gorgon, being reflected in it, would succumbe to fear of contemplating herself. The Gorgonea gaze, médusant look, is fascinating and lethal. Even at the risk of dying, who is magnetized, fascinated, will not want to look away. Fascination is the perception of […]

Pierre Klossowski: about hospitality

The same image was reflected in infinite variations in Pierre Klossowski’s texts and illustrations: that of a woman torn between desire and rejection. It is not that the author fell down in the sexist stereotype of whom every woman wants to be raped, but he was thinking about the sickly need of the male mind to construct these feminine archetypes to project in them his own moral dilemmas. In La révocation de l’Édit de Nantes, […]