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Fernando Bayona; to each his own

If a work is too legible it is not art, it is propaganda, Andrés Serrano argued in relation to the visual reflection of his ambiguous religious feeling, blasphemous for some and beautiful for others, because it is this breadth of readability that bothers, especially when one appeals to the purity of the impure or, rather, when the latter term is emptied of all meaning. Fernando Bayona also observes the world through the flesh, while his […]

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Not all is sex, but almost

I don’t trust in any desexualized thought, wrote Gombrowicz in his Diaries, an author that placed on record an interior discourse in which eroticism, pornography and obscenity are only nuances of the same brain loom. The title of the exhibition curated by Javier Díaz Guardiola, Is just sex, reminds us the words of  Polish writer because it opens to multiple philosophies of life around the erotic. With connotative emphasis seems to say: sex is just […]