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Semiotics of the veil

Since the discovery of the technique of wet-drapey in Classical Greece to the arty side of the advertising photo, from Phidias to Erwin Blumenfeld, to veil carnal pleasures has been the best way to enhance them. Now that everything is so overexposed the veil is a precious asset, a relic of  more surprising times, such as those that encouraged the encrypted porn, with gray weaving as curtains in front of coupled bodies. These filters, with […]

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Juan Escudero, taxonomic delirium

Let us be Aristotelian: Lola substance, of cheerful quality and fat quantity,  is put in relation (whipped) in submissive position, getting some passion (pain and pleasure), in a set of porn shoot (place). Juan Escudero, in Categories, uses the ten categories that Aristotle left us to define human being and his accidents. He sardonically relates this emphasis in classifying with the taxonomic delirium flooding porn sites. As well as those ten concepts  allowed infinite combinatorics […]