clovis trouille - carmel- le bastart

Clovis Trouille, the carny Pigmalion

In condemning the eroticism, Christianity propitiated that the lubricious imagination concentrate in hell, making it the sky of the sinners, the paradise of lust. Artists of all the times have been filling the underworld by all kinds of paraphilias, apparently to damn them but in practice to satisfy the scoptophilic appetite of their patrons or clients. But the confessed anticlericalism is not embodied in art (literature first) until the eighteenth century, when dissident artists release […]

Del Lagrace Volcano Mo B Dick Half & Half 1998

Pansexual revolution

As a gender variant visual artist I access ‘technologies of gender’ in order to amplify rather than erase the hermaphroditic traces of my body. I name myself. A gender abolitionist. A part time gender terrorist. An intentional mutation and intersex by design, (as opposed to diagnosis), in order to distinguish my journey from the thousands of intersex individuals who have had their ‘ambiguous’ bodies mutilated and disfigured in a misguided attempt at ‘normalisation’. I believe […]