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Anthony Stark, erotic agony

May his thick beard not lead us to deceit. Anthony Stark is not a straggler hipster, rather we imagine him a kind of undisciplined disciple of Courbet. But the origin of the world of this nineteenth-century painter is the twilight of Stark’s own, because for him the desire is the prelude to death, his ecstatic announcement, the previous climb to the vertigo of the abyss. Because, as is underlined in his last pictorial series appropiating […]

Juan Francisco Casas oh roma at le bastart

Juan Francisco Casas, hard times for the mystical

Georges Bataille said that Christianity was the least religious of religions because it had banished the eroticism of inner experience. Only some mystics like St. Teresa or John of the Cross were able to access supreme ecstatic and spiritual stages of fusion. While in ancient religions was in the ritual sacrifice where eroticism and mystical experience came together, as a carnal transgression and death drive, Catholicism fell into the paradox of placing access to the […]

sergio ojeda - le bastart

Not all is sex, but almost

I don’t trust in any desexualized thought, wrote Gombrowicz in his Diaries, an author that placed on record an interior discourse in which eroticism, pornography and obscenity are only nuances of the same brain loom. The title of the exhibition curated by Javier Díaz Guardiola, Is just sex, reminds us the words of  Polish writer because it opens to multiple philosophies of life around the erotic. With connotative emphasis seems to say: sex is just […]