miss van I feel safer here by le bastart

Miss Van, desire and fantasy

Miss Van’s dolls don’t require external mechanisms to move, don’t demand the male gaze to be defined, eroticism is born and dies in themselves. Masquerade lovers, they dabble with endless fugitives identities: nymphs or witches, showgirls or shepherdesses, sadistic countesses or lubricous girls… They started on the street, provoking passer-by with their slanted eyes, but soon percolated into galleries and museums. The CAC Malaga didn’t want to be outdone, inviting them to occupy its rooms. […]

man ray casati divine decadence by le bastart

Decadence on eternal return

Loving nature is outdated, thought the aristocrat Des Esseintes, who after wasting half of his fortune  in worldly pleasures invested the rest in his artificial paradise away from the Parisian triviality. Mechanical fishes, monstrous hothouse flowers, a turtle with precious stones in the golden shell, a design to match the carpet. With this character, Joris-Karl Huysmans marked the zenith and the decline of decadence. The title of the novel, À rebours, summarizes his intention to […]

Marceli Antunez flowersex at Le Bastart

Marcel·lí Antunez Roca, being membrane

Since in the eighties contributed to forge what is known as Fura language, Marcel·lí Antunez Roca has continued bluring the boundaries between spectator and performer, between scenic language and visual arts, street and classical theatre, folk art and advanced technology. In their projects coexist the use of sophisticated interactives with experiences that keep intact the umbilical cord with his origins: the family butchery, the abattoir, village festivals…, as inheritance of a worldview linked to rural […]

elmgreen dragset amigos - le bastart

Museum visitor as a sex tourist

The gay sauna, in a way, was born in gyms of ancient Greece, male socialization places where young people were trained in both physical exercise and spiritually. Athletics practiced naked (gymnos means nude) by young men with oiled bodies, with chiseled pectorals as Discophoros, admired by mentors (erastés) that would address their military, intellectual and sexual education. Gymnos, baths, palaestra, symposium … were the route gay friendly of the period, with the difference that they […]