Flayed beauty

In De humani corporis fabrica, Andrea Vesalius dedicated seven volumes to defend the practice of dissection to a society even rooted in the medieval conception of the body as a divine creation. To penetrate the secrets of the flesh, including for medical purposes, was in some way sacrilegious. The engravings of this treatise on anatomy reveal the difficulty of this change of mind: the flayed are not pure helpless residue; They suffer and think of […]

caruso - le bastart

Sadistic women, from myth to stereotype

De Quincey discoursed about studying a murder like if it was a painting or a sculpture, ignoring the moral aspects. Our morbid grounds are revealed in such situations, facing the uncomfortable fascination incites us sadism acts. A vast gallery of sadistic women splashes History with sex and blood, mixing chronic and literary lucubration. The real character is enriched with mythical attributes, and the aura that preserves the light of these legendary ladies grows amid darkness […]

alex frances - beso- le bastart

Check to the macho

Maybe the first artist who broke away from the archetype of virile man was Bas Jan Ader, when in early seventies introduced in a gallery pleas and sentences of melodrama as please do not leave me; when filmed himself crying uncontrollably (I’m too sad to tell you), arranging vases of flowers or delighting in front of a sunset. Although his intention was not to undermine the segregation of roles but to parody the image of […]

Bestiality: mystical fusion o subversive tool

In pagan periods myths and legends abound, stories and oral narratives in which coitus between species, far from being stigmatized, exalted the animist communion with nature, virility of gods and heroes, transmuting power of the erotic imagination… With Christianity, the priapic nature spirits become evil beings, the bucolic image of satyr chasing nymphs is replaced in the popular imagination by the goat copulating with witches. Secular societies labeled bestiality among sexual deviations, and then exploited […]

El Palomar, crossing point

Next event organized by El Palomar is entitled Hedonismo crítico, but this expression also summarizes the artistic position that has governed this project since its inception. Behind this apparent oxymoron or word composed by contradictory terms, is defined a renovated way of understanding cultural production: the party is not incompatible with reflection, conceptual depth with having fun. Mariokissme and R. Marcos Mota, its creators, have always been eloquent in choosing headings. Ever since the inaugural […]