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Paul McCarthy, the legacy of the Old West

Hygiene is the religion of fascism, Paul McCarthy told to his interlocutor in an interview in which he spoke of his intention to transform Hummel porcelain figurines into grotesque characters with phallic noses. His desire to unveil the obscene side of the idyllic pastoral life represented by these kitsch statuettes, to desecrate his cloying neatness, extends to all his artistic production, dedicated to turning the patriarchal morality around. And against social hygiene McCarthy proposes the […]

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Erotic machinery, from pistons and cylinders to nanorobots

In the Freudian compendium of oniric symbolisms, the male genitalia are represented as revolvers, knives, swords, sticks … and complex machinic devices. The machine has traditionally been associated with masculinity in its productive and destructive aspect, but the artificial creatures (literary, mythological, filmic) have been mainly women: automatons Galateas, seductive android, Pandoras clad in metal after the Industrial Revolution, replicants with artificial intelligence in the cyber era. But it is not the ideal woman forged […]

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Susana Ibáñez, aporia of the hole

To decryalize the sacred and to sacralize the profane, to order the chaos and disrupt the order, eroticize stigmas and stigmatize precepts, purify the impure, to prefer aporia to logic and the peripheral to the central … It is what we deduce that underlies the intentions of Susana Ibáñez. The artist had already shown in previous works her interest in the wunderkammer or cabinets of curiosities (compendiums of knowledge prior to museum asepsis), in which […]

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Krista Beinstein, woman as fetish of her own desire

Lesbian is the only concept I know of which is beyond categories of sex because the designated subject is not a woman, either economically, politically or ideologically (…) We are escapees from our class as runaway slaves (Monique Wittig, One is not born a woman, 1981) Until the 1970s feminism had been confined to a more or less homogeneous territory of political struggle for gender equality, but in the 1980s there were movements, artists and […]

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Japanese dolls: toys and idols

In an interview, the artist Makoto Aida justifies Japanese obsession with teenagers by what he calls feminization of the country, who lost his father after abolition of the army at the end of World War II. Aida’s work caricatures sexual philias of his countrymen, attacks the vernacular masochism rooted in ancient codes of honor, entrepreneurial fever and dreamy ways to escape. Since the floating time of ukiyo-e to the weightless walks between manga girls of […]

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Edurne Herrán, semiotics of desire

We are beings of desire, Lacan said, and as such, incomplete. Our wish is to be object of desire, be recognized and completed by the Other, he placed another in the unconscious. Sartre also understood the desire as a lack only in the imaginary plane can be solved. Apropos of Flaubert concluded that in literary creation is where you can live a life of pure desire, dwelling among existences whose lack of organs make impossible […]

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Teratological beauty

I am for a while the melancholy of a fragmented figure, and in that interval the mystery is revealed, Pierre Molinier The beauty of the monster began to be claimed by the romantic sensibility, when appeared aesthetic categories attending to emotional states rather than object qualities. Thus, the sublime and the grotesque will take the artistic experience to metaphysical grounds. In both concepts exist a conflict of internal forces between attraction and rejection, ecstasy and […]

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Juan Escudero, taxonomic delirium

Let us be Aristotelian: Lola substance, of cheerful quality and fat quantity,  is put in relation (whipped) in submissive position, getting some passion (pain and pleasure), in a set of porn shoot (place). Juan Escudero, in Categories, uses the ten categories that Aristotle left us to define human being and his accidents. He sardonically relates this emphasis in classifying with the taxonomic delirium flooding porn sites. As well as those ten concepts  allowed infinite combinatorics […]