Pierre Klossowski: about hospitality

The same image was reflected in infinite variations in Pierre Klossowski’s texts and illustrations: that of a woman torn between desire and rejection. It is not that the author fell down in the sexist stereotype of whom every woman wants to be raped, but he was thinking about the sickly need of the male mind to construct these feminine archetypes to project in them his own moral dilemmas. In La révocation de l’Édit de Nantes, […]

Pierre Louÿs, rescuing the beauty of the world

Graphos and eros, the two great passions of Pierre Louÿs, made him one of the most prolific authors of his time. Probably many of his manuscripts will never be published, and maybe he wrote lot of them for his own pleasure. Alfter having been recognized with books in compliance with fin de siècle taste, he distanced from symbolist and decadent writers in a kind of libertine literature with no strings attached. His erudition mixed with […]