paula rego -shakespeare - le bastart

Paula Rego, spawns of the social monster

The mind of Paula Rego works as an alchemical still. She has the hability to absorb, distill and transmute essences of life and fable in which her literary readings reactivate hidden “reefs” of the subconscious. She composes visual stories in which remnants of personal and collective history, dream and memory, intertwine in each other, forming dense plots that trap us, not so much by the narration itself as by the way of joining together. Halfway […]

carolee schneemann fuses at le bastart

Private beds, public eye

Art is one of the professions that encourages greater malleability of identity while allowing get to the bottom of one or yourself more than any other. Such diverse ways in which female artists, from the 60s, have resorted to autobiography and sexual act as an artistic material, indicate the changing overlaps between art, body, intimacy and performativity before and after the arrival of reality show. We will jump from bed to bed to see different […]