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Veronica Ruth Frias, life breaking the solemnity of art

The equivalence between art and life, the will to make life a matter of art in order to question inertia and patterns of behavior was decisive in the happening of the seventies, in the actions of Fluxus, in the first wave of feminism … However, during the last third of the twentieth century, the theme of motherhood was a burden for women artists, obsessed in their struggle to escape from the domestic sphere to which […]


Love and electromagnetism

The nickname which the popular imagination of the late nineteenth baptized Edison, The Wizard of Menlo Park, realizes the degree of fascination generated by the battery inventions attributed to the engineer. The man who has made captive echo; in these terms introduced Villiers de L’Isle Adam the inventor of the phonograph, making protagonist of one of the most misogynistic plots in the history of science fiction: as a maker of its future Eva moved by […]