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Juan Francisco Casas, memory as a glitch

From the heat of joie de vivre to the silence of solitary ecstasy, from histrionic posing of girls tipsy by the party and challenged by the camera to the joyful implosions catched under leather and latex. It is a path of purification, artistic and emotional, in that capture the fleeting happiness, which has followed Juan Francisco Casas. That path, passing through Rome, was covered with (pleasant) thorns. He rediscovered the intricacies of amorous passion following […]

Juan Francisco Casas oh roma at le bastart

Juan Francisco Casas, hard times for the mystical

Georges Bataille said that Christianity was the least religious of religions because it had banished the eroticism of inner experience. Only some mystics like St. Teresa or John of the Cross were able to access supreme ecstatic and spiritual stages of fusion. While in ancient religions was in the ritual sacrifice where eroticism and mystical experience came together, as a carnal transgression and death drive, Catholicism fell into the paradox of placing access to the […]