cabello carceller lost in transition cristal red - le bastart

Cabello/Carceller, liminal territories

In the rites of passage the individual is separated from the community and then regrouped assuming a new status. At the threshold between these two phases, human being becomes transitional, remains in suspense, without social reality, and this invisibility allows him to move on the margins of the consensual structure. The “liminal person” is a creative power, liberated from all taboo. Within the ritual it is represented with asexual or bisexual attributes. The anthropologist Victor […]

El Palomar. Hedonismo crítico

El Palomar, crossing point

Next event organized by El Palomar is entitled Hedonismo crítico, but this expression also summarizes the artistic position that has governed this project since its inception. Behind this apparent oxymoron or word composed by contradictory terms, is defined a renovated way of understanding cultural production: the party is not incompatible with reflection, conceptual depth with having fun. Mariokissme and R. Marcos Mota, its creators, have always been eloquent in choosing headings. Ever since the inaugural […]

Del Lagrace Volcano Mo B Dick Half & Half 1998

Pansexual revolution

As a gender variant visual artist I access ‘technologies of gender’ in order to amplify rather than erase the hermaphroditic traces of my body. I name myself. A gender abolitionist. A part time gender terrorist. An intentional mutation and intersex by design, (as opposed to diagnosis), in order to distinguish my journey from the thousands of intersex individuals who have had their ‘ambiguous’ bodies mutilated and disfigured in a misguided attempt at ‘normalisation’. I believe […]