veronica ruth frias- last supper - le bastart

Veronica Ruth Frias, life breaking the solemnity of art

The equivalence between art and life, the will to make life a matter of art in order to question inertia and patterns of behavior was decisive in the happening of the seventies, in the actions of Fluxus, in the first wave of feminism … However, during the last third of the twentieth century, the theme of motherhood was a burden for women artists, obsessed in their struggle to escape from the domestic sphere to which […]

ana alvarez errecalde asentir - le bastart

Ana Álvarez-Errecalde, intimate freedom

The moderns say that loving does not imply dependence, that true love only emerges between independent spirits, between autonomous beings. Sweden took this idea to the extreme of becoming the country with more people living and dying alone. The documentary by Erik Gandini, The Swedish Theory of Love shows how the family of the future (claimed by Olof Palme) has mostly taken the uniparental form of single mother self-inseminating at home. The Nordic model has […]